The Cards

Game Attributes

The boxer's real-life stats and win/loss/draw record set base values for in-game Strength, Speed, Toughness, and Stamina.

Level Up

Every time a boxer fights they gain experience points (XP). The more XP, the faster they level up.

Skill Up

As you level up your boxers they can gain extra skill points that boost all of these attributes over time.

You can also play fun mini-games to boost your boxers' attributes in between matches.


Give each boxer a unique nickname if you want.

In-Game Stats

You can review every match your boxer fights.

Real Stats

We make it easy to keep up-to-date about each athlete. Official win/loss/draw stats and championship statuses are updated daily. We pull updates from, the world's best resource for boxing info and statistics.

Each card links to the boxer's own website, Twitter, and Instagram channels as well, in case you want to follow them closely.

Token ID

Each card is unique, owned by only one player, and stored on the blockchain.

Gear Slots

Outfit your boxers with special gloves, shorts, and footwear to give them that extra edge.

Special Badges

Some boxer cards are stamped with special badges that indicate when they were obtained, or achievements they earned. For example, all cards acquired during the Presale will show a "Presale 1" badge.

Player-Owned, Player-Managed

CryptoBoxers gives you all the fun and replay value of mobile and PC games, with the added benefits of the blockchain.



Players own their CryptoBoxers cards, verifiable on the blockchain, and act as managers for all the boxers on their roster.


Extreme Engagement

When players own collectibles of the athletes they play in-game, it engages and amplifies the player/boxer relationship in ways never seen before.


Buy and Sell

Want to train a boxer from one-star level and sell it later? Or buy a fully-powered Ten Star ready to fight? Go ahead -- it's part of the game!


Acquire Them

Add new CryptoBoxers to your gym's roster lots of ways, including drop-ins (AKA loot drops), card packs, or the reseller's market.


Customize Them

Outfit your boxer with special gear, and skill them up your own way, to create a one-of-a-kind, blockchain-backed collectible.


Manage and Promote

Take the role of career manager, and fight promoter, to build an unbeatable roster of champions.