Real Boxing on the Blockchain!

Fantasy Sports Meets Real Boxing

CryptoBoxers is the first and only boxing game using blockchain technology, with collectible tokens based upon boxing celebrities who have signed on to the game.

Each CryptoBoxers card represents a real professional athlete. Each card's stats are based on that boxer's strengths and weaknesses. Over time, as the real-life boxers win real-life matches, your card's base stats will improve too.

When you play CryptoBoxers you can:

  • Acquire and collect multiple boxers for your gym.
  • Help manage your boxers' careers, setting them up with coaches, gear, and training routines.
  • Pit them against other players' boxers in matches.
  • Improve their skills, level them up, and help them move up the championship ranks!

Information about each card you collect, including its ownership and all its stats and enhancements, is encoded and stored on the blockchain. You own your cards outside the game and can buy, sell, or trade them whenever you want.


When real boxers win matches in real life, their CryptoBoxer card stats improve, and so does your game.